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What kind of work does our firm handle (and what DON'T we do)?

Q: What kind of work do you handle?

A: Our firm handles about 65% business immigration (visas for work/employment, permanent residence/green cards based upon employment, employer compliance), and about 35% family immigration (often marriage-based green card cases - sponsorship of a foreign national by a US citizen or permanent resident spouse, parent or child, typically).

Much of our business immigration practice centers on helping startups: visas to begin a news business venture in the US, helping new companies that may yet be small and not yet profitable acquire the best talent, or helping overseas companies start a new US office and transfer the first staff members. That said, we often help even established business bring new people on board.

Q: What cases don’t you handle?

A: To begin with, anything not involving immigration: divorce, personal injury, corporate or employment work.

Within the boundaries of immigration law, we don’t handle deportation/removal matters, asylum matters, VAWA matters, or T and U visas.

HOWEVER: if you have a need for an attorney in one of these areas but don’t know who to turn to, feel free to contact us for a referral – we often work with attorneys in these areas and can provide the names of attorneys we trust.

Contact us here to arrange a consultation, to inquire about retaining us to handle your immigration matter, or simply to suggest topics you would like to see covered on our site.

The above is presented for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship with our firm. The information provided should not be used as guidance in pursuing an immigration matter absent consultation with a qualified immigration attorney.