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What will the legal fees be for my immigration case?

Q: How much will my case cost?

A: Understandably, everybody wants to know the costs involved before committing to move forward. Completely understandable, and our clients DO know what the cost will be before signing any agreement for legal work.

However, we won’t be able to tell you what a case will cost before we know anything at all about the case. Before we speak with a client for a consultation, we really have no idea what the work involved will be, and so we can’t yet commit to a firm price.

Often people will ask for a fee quote on an H-1B or marriage-based green card case assuming that this will be pretty standard. Most of them are – but we have no way to know if that person’s case will in fact be "standard" before actually discussing the entire situation with them. Frequently, some major issue reveals itself during a consultation which will cause significant delay and/or additional work beyond what a more straightforward case would need. On several occasions, we’ve found that the type of case a person came in to ask about isn’t even possible (or that there’s a better, faster or less expensive solution than the case type requested).

Therefore, while we may be able to provide a fee range before we discuss your case with you in further detail, we won’t be able to quote a firm fee (or list them on our web site) before that point.

Contact us here to arrange a consultation, to inquire about retaining us to handle your immigration matter, or simply to suggest topics you would like to see covered on our site.

The above is presented for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship with our firm. The information provided should not be used as guidance in pursuing an immigration matter absent consultation with a qualified immigration attorney.