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Applicants to be able to Apply for a Social Security Number Along with Employment Authorization

USCIS has announced a change to the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) application process, along with an updated form, that will allow an applicant to simultaneously apply for employment authorization and a Social Security Number and card.

Often, the first time a foreign national is eligible to apply for a Social Security Number is once they receive an approved EAD. As they often need a social Security Number to begin work (a practical requirement of many payroll and HR systems, not an immediate legal requirement), the additional time it takes to separately apply for a Social Security Number form the Social Security Administration frequently delays when a foreign national can begin work even with an approved EAD in-hand.

Although it is unclear when this will become available or whether it will apply across the board to all EAD categories of eligibility, USCIS’ partnership with the Social Security Administration does hold promise for increased efficiency and reduced delay.