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USCIS Hints at New Premium Processing Suspension During H-1B cap Season

USCIS, in a call with stakeholders, indicated that it may again suspend the premium processing program for H-1Bs as was done for six months in 2017, starting with the first day H-1B cap-subject cases could be filed. The Premium Processing program allows payment of an additional $1,225 fee for 15-day response time (the response may not be approval – it can be an inquiry or denial as well, with another 15 days for USCIS to respond after receiving an answer to any inquiry).

Unlike last year’s suspension of the program, it appears any suspension this year will apply only to cap-subject cases (not amendments or extensions), and is intended to be relatively short lived. USCIS also indicated that there would be no other major changes to the filing requirements announced before cap season starts.