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Limited Return of Premium Processing for Fiscal 2019 (last year’s) H-1B Cap filings

USCIS has announced that it will resume premium processing availability for the remaining Fiscal 2019 H-1b cap filings which have yet to be adjudicated. There remain cases that haven’t yet been initially reviewed, and cases in some stage of response to a USCIS Request for Evidence.

To move these cases to the premium processing track, employers will need to file I-907 Request for Premium Processing forms along with the $1,410 current fee.

USCIS has not brought back premium processing for any other H-1B filings covered in the moratorium; amendments, extensions, and changes of status to H-1B remain subject only to the normal processing track at this point. H-1B extension petitions without a change of employer as well as H-1B petitions for cap-exempt institutions were never included in the moratorium, and continue to be able to use the premium processing services